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What If It Doesn’t Work Out?

Diary of a Husband Material

Why do we love? Is it in search of companionship? A search for happiness? A search for a deeper connection? Or are we just afraid of being alone’?

It takes courage to say ‘I do’ to the one you love in front of watching eyes at the altar, and also to say ‘I will be your bae/boo’, in the case of a relationship, though so many of us are clouded by the chance to play a role in his/her life after listening to their hopes and dreams for the future, and the soul-searing promises.

I giggle whenever I think about my varsity days. As a hustling student who really didn’t have much savings, I’d stay awake to read, and also talk to Pelumi on MTN’s happy hours once my alarm goes off by 12:30am. We’d talk about how we longed to be in each others’ arms, and also laugh…

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