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Movie Review – The Wedding Party 2 Written by Oluwamuyiwa ‘Lulu’ Olaoluwa

For Your Consideration: The Wedding Party 2
Beware!! spoilers boku here pass landmine for abandoned Russian minefield.

This time last year, Nigerians both home and abroad were held spellbound by the cinematographic and comedic wonder that is The Wedding Party. When the trailer hit our cyberspace early last year, I was giddy with excitement and l wanted to watch it so bad. I don’t think I have ever been that excited to watch a Nigerian movie ever.

When those who were fortunate to be in Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival to watch the flick, among other Nigerian contenders, filled our Instagram and twitter with outstanding reviews and beautiful critiques, I was quite anxious t see this myself.
Come December, I went…..I watched…..I laughed my butt off.

It was everything and more. They took a seemingly simple plot and turned it to gold. With amazing performances from Nollywood greats, the movie had me spending cash to watch it 4 times till that fellow leaked it online then I downloaded it to my laptop.
What?? you thought I would ignore it because I’m against piracy? Biko, I have spent 8k already to see the movie, Aunty Kemi and Mo can handle it.

With the roaring success of the first instalment and a staggering 480 million Naira in the box office, making it the highest grossing Nigerian movie ever, it was no surprise that they would do part 2. Of course, I was going to watch it and that I did.
Part 2 was amazing to watch

However……..I have questions.
1) Why was there no build up in respect to Deirdre and Nonso’s relationship?
2) I know its been a while I’ve been to a fancy restaurant but when you sit down, aren’t you supposed to be presented with a menu and not a full course meal?
3) Did the Cokers loose their home? Because it seems they were with the Onwukas all the time like MTN.
4) Did Rose aka Beverly Naya aka Dozie’s (Banky W) former girlfriend aka home wrecker travel all the way to Dubai just to ruin a wedding and a marriage or its just coincidence?
5) What the hell was Harrison (Frank Donga) doing in Dubai?
6) Why was there a major screen gap between when Dozie told Rose off and Deirdre crying about the fake proposal?

The list goes on, but I think if I continue I might get people vexed.
don’t get me wrong, in spite of the little errors in my book, it was still a viewing pleasure.
Some of my favourite parts would be

– Seeing Wonu (the wedding planner) speak Igbo with Ushbebe
Patience Ozokwuo in her natural element as the official bad belle in any family situation.
– Seeing Wonu and Iya Micheal reunited again.
– And of course Shola Sobowale. My God!! this woman steadily gives us a fantastic and hilarious performance. Is it when she was boasting of french champagne? Or her throwing down with Patience? Or when she nearly tossed the doctors over the balcony when Dunni was about to deliver? Or the way she kept checking her v jay to see if the baby had arrived? I just couldn’t get enough of Shola.

Despite being a comedy, we did have some tiny dramatic parts like when Deirdre’s father went nearly racist at their introduction and when Shola was in tears after Uju gave her a crispy cold treatment. Those tensions that are bound to flair up during weddings were not absent and I loved that.
I know a lot have seen this flick and felt it was wack… them I say, leave your bad belle in 2017.

I would advise Ebony Films to be subtle with their trailers in the future. The trailer gave away most of the major parts of the movie that you could almost formulate the story just by it alone.
Although I might not spend as much money watching it again like I did the first instalment, I do say that it was a pleasure to have watched and I will consider seeing it again.

I recommend everyone to see it but you can chill till the price comes down to 1k or go to PEFTI Cinema and watch it for 500 Naira.
I give the movie 2.5/5

P:S – Funny thing I noticed was the developing chemistry between Shola and Yemisi….are you people trying to hint at a TWP3?
If na joke, make una stop am real fast……

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