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Women Are Masters of Deception by Oge Chi

That’s why I find it funny when men say they use and dump ladies. Please forget the tears and cries of heartbreak, sometimes it’s a camouflage to the real intent. It’s in the game plan.
The bitter truth is that you’ve been trashed and the fun of the game is that you don’t even know.

You wouldn’t want to know what goes on in a woman’s mind especially when her interest is at stake, or have you ever encountered a fuckgirl or play girl? I pray you don’t because those bitches can be arctic hard-hearted.
A woman can be anything she wants. Naturally a woman has more active and detective instincts than a man, she’s also a good strategist, however, this does not imply that all women use theirs negatively; this helps her plan ahead and thoroughly. So when she wants to play you,she wouldn’t just do that successfully but will also have you thinking you’re the player.

Really,you think she’s so cheap and haven’t heard of your iconic reputation as a player ? Or she’s such an idiotic naive and brainless moron to fall so cheap for you with all the news in circulation?
Guy, verily, verily I say unto you, she has your repertoire and has so studied it that she can dictate your next move like a seasoned chess master. She knows you as the back of her hand, your weaknesses and has finally concluded that you are the perfect guy for the job.

News Flash!
She plotted everything, even your meeting.
While you’re busy assuming you are her ultimate goal, to her you are just a means to an end probably a leap in her career, to achieve popularity or get to date one of your friends etc.
It happens all the time on Facebook. You meet a fine girl, let’s say a writer; checks her profile, she has the writing thing in her but not very popular, five to ten likes on her posts. You chat up, become friends, she comments regularly on your posts,flirts with you inbox and your playboy mind is aroused as she seems a juicy sport fish. You activate your game plan: Tags her regularly on your posts, mentions her often on comments and posts, she does the same, even dedicates posts to you. You smile, your plans are working.

You grow more intimate online,she sends you dirty messages, maybe nudes, she asks you questions on writing, in fact, you tutor her. She had you edit her writings before posting, you share them,tag your celebrity writer friends in the spirit of chykism. Your sole aim, to have a taste of her honey pot.
Soon, you have your friends sending her requests. The likes and reactions to her posts leap from units to hundreds, you almost have over an hundred mutual friends. You flirt on, take her out and have sex with her, it was mind blowing and deep down in your heart you are feeling super fly.

Through you she gets to know sites and meet people who matter in writing. You sleep with her a couple of times more. Your desire is already waning, she makes a deliberate wrong move, maybe challenges you on a post, you break-up with her, she cries but moves on quickly, maybe a better guy, say a more popular facebooker who
happens to be your friend. You notice but comfort yourself by telling yourself you’ve used her.
But the bitter truth is that she played you, no,the actual word is ‘used you’ thoroughly and left you basking in the euphoria that you did, to show how stupid you are.

And even when you discover you’ve been played, you silently lick your wounds. You wouldn’t dare let the world know because thanks to you she’s now more popular and has a multitude of followers who are ready to blast you for an ungentlemanly attitude of kissing and telling.
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