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Let’s Talk About ‘Friendship’

The spark of friendship is when there’s mutual interest. The other person has to enjoy you as much as you’re willing to be involved in their life.
When this ingredient is missing, there’s hardly anything you can do to salvage what’s left of a friendship. That friendship is gone and in-existent.

Else, you’ll always feel the need to gauge their level of interest in you. You’ll keep wanting that constant reassurance they deny you.
Keeping in touch would always happen on your time – on their own part, making out time for you isn’t what they look forward to doing.

Of course , you’ll keep tagging along them desperately because you know they could go miles without turning to check if you are still there.
You’ll do all these until you’re exhausted – until you’ve squeezed out all the pleasantness in you for the sake of preserving what’s dead.
You can never have a friend in a person you have to work so hard to captivate. And you do not have to deal with that.

I’ll deviate, but still on friendship.
It’s a sad thing that the concept of friendship has been greatly devalued today. Now, it comes with extra baggage.
People disguised as friends because you’re beneficial in some kind of way.

People all out to manipulate and exploit one’s open mindedness and care – all in the name of friendship.
Including social media redefined ‘Friendship’ occurring in the form of cliques and factions that stand for nothing other than negativity.
You have to be somewhat rebellious, daring, ‘woke’, to fit the clique.
Everything that no longer makes friendship edifying as it’s supposed to be.

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