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Sex and Minors – Written by Jude Eze

I hardly ever meet anyone whose first sexual experience was with their age mate. There’s always one older guy or older girl involved.
I had my first girlfriend at age fourteen and all we ever did was gist and hold hands; then the occasional side hugs and peck on the cheek which came like once in a blue moon. We were two naive teenagers and were really innocent like that.
Until that SS 3 girl I met during my JSS 3 showed me the forbidden fruit; she was nineteen and I was fifteen.

It’s funny how African parents see two teenagers of the same age who are fond of each other and try to break them apart, thinking they’re protecting them from having sex.
But the truth is, these kids don’t need protecting from each other.

The average teenage boy is scared of a vagina and the average teenage girl thinks that if she holds hands with a boy for too long she’ll get pregnant. With their innocence, they pose no real threat to each other.
It takes the influence of an older person to open their eyes and make them sexually active.

Of all the teenage girls you know who ever got pregnant, how many of them were impregnated by boys the same age as them?
Think about it.
You see all those aunties and uncles in your neighbourhood always calling your kids ‘my husband’ or ‘my wife’, those brothers and sisters from Bible studies, your kid’s baby sitter, your gate man, your house girl, your house boy, those relatives from your extended family; these are the people you should really watch out for.

While you’re busy driving away your son’s female classmates and beating up your teenage daughter for talking to teenage boys, one adult is there showing them everything they’re probably still too young to know about sex right under your nose and you’ll never even know about it.
And because these sexual predators are adults and you’ve estranged your kids with your strict high handedness, they’ll be too scared to open up to you about the abuse they’re suffering. Until you wake up one morning and find your daughter heavily pregnant or your son a victim of STI.

When I finally become a parent, I would strongly endorse my kids to go out with their age mates.
I would also be the first person to talk to them about sex.
And I don’t mean all these ignorant myths peddled around our African society, I’m talking about the truth; the real facts.

Lass lass young people will have sex whether you as a parent like it or not.
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