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An Interview with Comedian – Ebuslim

Best known for taking crazy to another level, enough to keep you laughing and wondering how he does it.
He’s the one and only incredibly talented ‘Ebuslim’. Enjoy the interview.

Q – Can you briefly introduce yourself, Ebuslim:
A- I am a native of Anambra state, Nnewi local government, Osumenyi village precisely. 25 years ago, i was born into the family of Sylvester Udemezue.

Q – What kind of comedy do you do?
A – I do online comedy and stand up comedy.

Q – Can you tell us a few stand up comedy shows you’ve featured in?
A – A couple of them. I performed at the launching of Faze album. Most recently, Awka Concert which took place on February 23rd. Graced by Terry G and many other top acts.

Q – You have a huge Facebook fan base, did you realise you were funny before social media?
A – I knew I was funny because I was this jovial kid in school. I amused my mates so much that at a point, my friends would always showcase me before our teachers, for them to see how funny I could be. Then, they called on me to make them laugh. Sometimes I chose to dance or say jokes which cracked them up.
Thereafter, I grew up knowing how to easily make my friends and family, including people around me, laugh. This is what keeps me on the track.

Q – Tell us how social media has helped in putting your name out there?
A – For an up and coming comedian, doing my thing on social networks created a good platform for me. Instagram and Facebook can easily help in making one’s stuff go viral. Thousands of people get to know you and before you know it you are on that celebrity status. In my case, social networks helped in promoting me to a certain extent. Off-line, I had been to many shows where nobody knew me. But my hushpuppi comedy photos was the one that gave me the little fame that i didn’t get all these while. So I still believe in the effectiveness of online comedy.

Q – What inspires your jokes?
A – My jokes are basically a reflection of how I view things in the society. I get inspiration from what people do or what they say and how people react to things of life. Then I say to myself, “what if it is told this way?” I try to make a joke out of it, without losing the real message. Other times, I use my experiences.

Q – Any example?
A – For example, the day a bike man carried me and I had no idea of the location of where I was going to. Then he got fed up and told me to get down. So I came down and boarded another bike, but then he told his colleague that he shouldn’t carry me that I am mad I have no destination. It sounded serious, but to me, funny. Till date I share this experience in jokes and people laugh. It has become comical.

Q – When people don’t laugh at a joke, how does it feel?
A – Most times when I crack jokes and people don’t laugh, it sends a signal to me, like, “Bro you didn’t present the joke well or the people aren’t listening to you.”
I feel bad and keep on working on my skill. Not everyone would find your joke funny. I do feel bad but i don’t take it to heart. I try to improve.

Q – Do people take you seriously when you’re serious?
A – People don’t take me seriously at all. Sometimes I might say I need money and people tend to care less. I might see a fine girl like that and pour out my real intentions towards her and she would be like, “you dey use me joke abi”
Such happens but I understand that’s how they see me – a non serious person.

Q – Any major influences in the industry? (If any, mention)
A – In the industry I really appreciate the works of everyone. Nigerian comedians give their best and I found out it isn’t easy to just say this one man I love because everyone has different comedy styles. But if I were to be in a situation to choose only one person or two I would go for Bovi and I go die. These two individuals are very creative in their thoughts.

Q – What are your plans in the nearest future?
A – My future plans are on track by the grace of God. I am working with a friend currently. We plan to shoot hilarious skits that i’m really sure will make waves and make people want more from us. And also having shows annually for friends and fans all over the country to come and watch me perform – just like AY shows. Bovi’s Man on Fire, etc.

Q – In a relationship right now or not?
A – Yeah i’m in a relationship and we are good for now, hoping to take it to the next level soon.

Phone Number | 08187933207
Facebook | Ebuslim Sylvester Udemezue
Instaagram | @officialebuslim
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2 thoughts on “An Interview with Comedian – Ebuslim

  1. Nnam; you are good to go…wishing you all the best in future! May God see you through in all you do in Jesus name Amen.
    Ebus, I tag you my “Pain killer” cause that’s who you’re to me.
    More grace Darling.


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