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Why They Should Live Their Dreams by Obaya Egume

My mind has been unsettled this evening. So many things rushing in and out. One of the things I remembered early this evening was a call from ‘an Uncle’.
We discussed the usual ‘where are you headed’ and ‘what next’.
He spoke about my ‘9-5’ and how it is really difficult these days. He spoke about constant revamping of self. Aiming higher and all that ish.
Imagine his reaction when he asked me what I’d really love to do.
He probably hoped he had fired me enough to make me reason along with him and mention some of his suggestions as my next line of action.

‘I’d love to be a photographer and a writer’.
I didn’t say it to spite him or to sound funny. It was a matter of fact statement.
The silence on the other end of the line was a scream if its own.
You could have pricked the silence with a pin and it would scream.
After a moment, he continued with suggestions.
It sounded like he took the time to remind himself that the person he was on the phone with is also an adult and not a baby.

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Must we all put on ties? Must we all have white collar jobs? Who determines what job is okay and what isn’t?
Photography in Nigeria is really gaining grounds now unlike before.
To those of us with little children, do we have to live our dreams through them? What about their dreams as individuals?
Can you see the way the country is going? What talent does your child have that you can assist in honing such that when that child is grown, he/she can turn it into a means of livelihood?
Must our kids be doctors, lawyers or engineers? Can’t they be fashion designers, writers, photographers, carpenters, painters, etc? Would it make them losers?
And no! We don’t have to point to big brands and say can’t you see how big he/she has become just by being a fashion designer(insert talent)? Can your child be a pioneer in that field? Not a bad idea.
Let us always try to develop our children as well as help them develop their talents.

This is for those who tell creative folks ‘is it not just to.. (insert applicable talent here) write, draw, snap, hit wood together, etc….
Is something doing you? If it is just, then why don’t you carry just yourself and do it?
Oh, and to you thiefing my pishures, shey you’re looking for court case abi?
The pictures are for sale. You can get a soft copy or you can get a framed hard copy. You want it for business? You can also buy exclusive rights to a picture. Don’t come and be letting the devil use you.

Say no to thiefing!
Say no to belittling (even if it is the grammar)!
Say no to is it not just…!
Say no to you must be a doctor, lawyer or engineer!

Oghenekevbe Egume works as a customer care representative in the bank. He is a foodie who describes himself as ‘unseriously serious’.