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Sightings & Places – Prince Peter takes us to Bénin Republic

Some like me are yet to set foot on the soils of Bénin Republic. Thankfully, Prince Peter offered to takes us on an adventure, somewhere in Cotonou called ‘Possotomè’. He tells us about this fountain of life located in the village that has sort of become symbolic to the people. Also an interesting trip to a sacred forest. Enjoy his narration and the accompanying visuals.

I’m sure there are only 60% of people living in Bénin Republic who actually know where the Possotomè mineral water is gotten from.
So, I had the opportunity to visit the great Possotomè village (most of y’all never knew there was a village named after the water, until now.) with its wonderful river. Lac Aheme.
The factory producing the mineral water is right in the village. Using the natural water, gotten from the lake and other places, the water then undergoes a wonderful process, turning it into the best and most used mineral water in Bénin Republic.


Now, the best part is this; the people of Possotomè village, believe the water is supernatural. What I mean by supernatural is this; the water is said to heal the sick and do many other wonderful things.
Look at the picture above again… Are you seeing the tap there? Yes, when you’re sick, just go and take a wonderful bath under the big tap (I won’t call it a shower) and you’re healed, or drink from a water tower, located in the village.

Another thing is this. It is believed that there’s a hippopotamus in the very middle of the Lac- river. That’s it up there in the picture. No one dares crosses to the middle. While travelling there, you’ll see a hotel built on/around the river.
Right after there, going forward, that’s where the hippo lives. All hail the great hippo!!

The Mineral water gotten from the Lac- river here in Bénin Republic is one of the best and one of its kind. I don’t think any mineral water will ever beat it, even in 20 years!

The Sacred Forest of Kpassè:
We walked for 5 minutes from; where we stayed, to the forest. The weather was really bad. It looked like it was going to rain, anytime soon. Finally, we got there and tour commenced.
The sacred forest, does not have the word ‘sacred’ for nothing. It’s sacred because it houses the King of Kpassé and other creatures.
The king of Kpassè, on the run from the enemy in the 16th century, went into the forest to seek refuge. He wanted to be protected from the enemy and this, was a good place.
Take a look at the following pictures.

This is an iroko tree, which was said to be 400 years. The king of Kpassè, after fleeing from the enemy, wanted to live forever and get protection from evil. This, made him disappear into the tree. Legend has it that the king grants the wishes of his subjects and other people, who comes with a problem.
Make your wish and kiss the tree. Boom! Your wish is granted.

The above picture shows a man, playing with snakes. Lovely creatures, right? No, they’re not. People in this part of the country believes in the power of the snake. The snakes are not harmful as its said. Legend has it that when one snake is killed, dangerous things will befall the village and if possible, the entire country.
So please, don’t go about killing snakes anyhow. One, might be a prince.

This is The temple of the Snake. This temple is for the snakes and those who’ve been initiated alone. They go in there, to pray to the snakes and ask for anything which the snake(s) grants. The snakes in there are all loyal to their Queen (if indeed there’s any) and oversee things going on in the village/town.

This is Legba with his long penis. Legba is the god that takes care of the villages and towns in the country. He also is the god of “fertility”. Women around the world, who are barren and believes in the power of this god, comes to him with gifts and then prays for whatever they came for.
Legba is one of the good gods of Bénin, till date.
The people of ancient Kpassé, made a route through the forest to the kings palace, so that he can get inside and take whatsoever it wants.
An oracle, was made for the king, next to the iroko tree he entered. While going there, your shoes should be removed otherwise, you face the wrath of the king.
The people still ask when he’ll come out. He says, he’d live there till eternity.
Well, let’s believe he still lives there and grants wishes.

P.S: Benin republic, is one of the countries in the world that believes strongly in voodoo powers. Respect the dead!
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A Night With Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – by Eleanya Ndukwe

During his sold out US tour, Seun Kuti’s Los Angeles stop drew in a massive crowd at ‘The Novo’, downtown Los Angeles.
People of all races came to witness this iconic, high energy live performer, who has basically become the closest thing to his legendary dad – Fela, do what he knows how to do best.

The epic show opened with a DJ serenading the audience with a couple of Naija jams. You bet the excitement seeing caucasian attendees dancing to Davido’s “Fall” or Wizkid’s “Ojuelegba”
A member of Seun’s band took up from there, delivering great acoustic songs which waltzed into acapella-like renditions that pretty much provided all that was needed to wet everyone’s appetite.
Much later, the same band member introduced the rest of the ‘Egypt 80’ band members to the stage, before the phenomenal Seun was finally introduced with a rapturous welcome to the stage.
And the main show began!

I never listened to Seun’s music before, and i didn’t know the words to most songs, but seeing this icon play with passion and the excitement everywhere got me partying it up with people of diverse race and colours (Africans, Asians, Americans) at the upper chamber (which was times four of the regular ticket).

The high point of his set list was this poignant song which he dedicated to the memory of his father – Fela, and the Los Angeles populace, “For taking my father in and providing him a platform for his performance”, Seun mentioned. I don’t recall the exact year, so this is off the record, I can’t remember the title either, but it was aimed at paying homage to Fela’s legacy.

It’s worth mentioning that even though Seun is an established artiste in his own right, his performance was akin to Fela’s in terms of knowledge of the musical instruments, stamina to perform long hours without wearing thin, his charismatic charm and also, his ability to pass across his message and engage with his audience.

It was about 2 hours of intensive performance, with beautiful choreographed African traditional dances; keeping all those in attendance on their feet as their bodies swiftly moved to the rhythm of Afro beats supplied by Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 (His father’s band which he has taken up and led to tours across the world).
Seun is a vocal proponent of pan-Africanism which he says is the endorsement of “black ability” and not the replacement of white supremacy with black supremacy
He however believes, through the speech he gave before the performance of his highly received “African Dream” that imperialism and Elitist manifestation is united at the top and must be fought against by those who remain conscious of the human spirit.

Another high point was when he rounded up his performance with his legendary salute of “two fists thrown into thin air, his tattooed back to the rapturous voices of the wowed audience” amidst repeated chants of “More! More!! More!!!” filling the air as the show ended with great energy. He wrapped it up with sincere thanks to those in attendance, “You guys always bring me back every six weeks!” he screamed on-stage.

At the end of the show, I must confess that Seun was excellent.
Filling up an arena that big, the massive out pour of love demonstrated by an audience who belted his songs along with him – it just goes to show that he is widely loved.

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Manchester City vs Real Madrid Match-Day Experience – Written by Eleanya Ndukwe Jr.

“I was too pissed to notice the aesthetic makeup of the Los Angeles, Coliseum Olympic stadium, and the fact that dad laughed at me every single time Madrid conceded didn’t help much. But that’s on the side though.

It was a beautiful experience getting to watch these stars who have made their mark in their unique area of gifting, seeing them in real time (I desperately wanted to see Toni Kroos, Ronaldo and Sergio Romas – but Toni had a knock the day before and couldn’t play. Ramos has an ear infection and was on the bench. Ronaldo is still on vacation.)

Anyway, it was beautiful. Lots of energy, excitement among fans and even the security personnel.
With every piece of skill, or move or attempt on goal came a thunderous uproar of joy. It was beautiful.

Every football fan should experience live football…always. I’m so looking forward to attending the UEFA Champions League final and World Cup in the future.
I love the rush of excitement and the beauty that comes with knowing that I live once. I have to make it count.
And did I mention that these stars will retire someday?”

Venue| Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
Location| California
Teams| Manchester City VS Real Madrid
Score Line| City 4-1 Real Madrid
Time| 8:30 pm
Date| July 27, 2017

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Fond Memories of Benin City – Written by Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma

**Singing** Edo, Edo nimose, Edo, Edo nimose Edo Edo ooo, Edo oo, Edo nimose.
Yeah I love to tell real life stories, I just love it probably due to the fact that when I was a child I use to be a gossip **winks**

Here goes my story, I originally hail from Anambra state, a town called Ekwulobia in Aguata local government area.
But do you all know I that I was born, raised and “buttered” in the ancient city of Benin Kingdom in Edo state? Did you know that my whole life revolved around Benin city??

Facts You Must Know About The Binis
~ They cook the best stews/all kinds of rice in the whole Nigeria
~ They don’t joke with their Monarch ( The Oba Of Benin Kingdom)
~ They do not engage in prolong quarrel, they prefer fight to quarrel instead of disturbing the whole neighbourhood with noise.

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Facebook- Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

Have you ever wondered why “Mama Put” business thrive very well in Benin city no matter if it’s small scale? This is because the way they prepare their stews or jollof is just out of this world. I remember years back when I went shopping in Oba Market, my customer was complaining how hungry he was, I told him to go get food from a nearby buka owned by an Igbo woman and this were his exact words ” Na only Eba, akpu and semo I fit eat for there, I no fit eat rice for there because dem no sabi cook stew like Bini people and na rice dey hungry me, I no no why Iye Osahon dey delay to pass”. I could not agree less.

This takes me back memory lane to my Secondary school, Saint Maria Goretti Secondary. I could remember how I and my number one friend Obianuju Adanma Odum use to patronise “Mama Put” during break time in school despite the fact that our mums and my dad could pass for international chefs but we could not just resist the urge of that Bini woman stew in our canteen, we will go to canteen to queue to buy rice in white nylon and order goes like this : “Iye give me rice 50naira, tozo 20naira, roundabout 20naira and oil meat 20 naira. Put plenty stew” and you need to see the joy in our eyes as we relished the food sucking it straight from the nylon. They are just the best. I say Kudos to these set of “Mama Put” sellers that made my childhood a memorable one;

~ Iye Ebo Pepper Rice
~ Emovon Rice
~ Iye Nosa Rice
~ Odion And Family Leaf Rice just to mention a few plus my childhood friend that we grew up on the same street almost the same compound. ~Mama Osato rice you guys are the real deal.

The Binis would rather have you say despicable things about their state governor than for you to disrespect the Oba Of Benin Kingdom, dem born you well? I remember one incident in Ekiosa market, an Igbo man who just came to Bini for the first time to serve his master, engaged in an argument, they were talking about how the Oba is revered in the whole Edo state and the Igbo man ignorantly asked ” Who be this una Oba self? Who e be?” Chai, all hell broke loose, immediately they were pandemonium, they were practically dragging the guy to the palace, it took the intervention of the leader of Igbo traders for them to let him go, issuing him serious warning never to talk about their Oba in that manner.

Lastly, the Binis are peaceable to some extent, they do not engage in any sort of quarrel unnecessarily. If they must quarrel it must result to fight. You cannot just engage a Bini person in a quarrel and just enter your house back without fight it is not possible. In all I love the Binis, I love Benin city I love Edo state.

If you are a non Bini indigene planning to visit Benin some day because they have nice tourist attractions, do not be sceptical to patronise any Bini “Mama Put” especially the ones cooking rice and you surely get value for your money, do not disrespect their Monarch in speech or actions and please, please and please if you no get power to fight no quarrel because if you must quarrel you must fight.
Thank you.
Sing along with me again….
Edo, Edo Nimose Oba khato Ikpere Iseeeeeeeeee!!!!

Written by: Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma

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My Experience at the GTBANK Food and Drink Fair

In the spirit of giving back to the society, Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB) organised a 2-day event themed “GTBANK Food and Drink Fair”.
The event which took place on the 30th of April & 1st of May, was basically aimed at helping small scale food enterprises showcase their food products and also give some selected invited guests a crash course on cooking. These lucky ones categorised as ‘the masterclass’ would have culinary skills sessions with world class chefs.

Well, I got an invite to this prestigious event without payment arrangements. All I did was apply. Although the masterclass and other classes had been taken, I only got an invite to attend the fair, also graced by a few very notable personalities & public figures. Yipee!

GTB sponsored food and drink fair took place at 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos. A choice area with a beautiful scenery.
For economic reasons, I decided to attend just one of the two day event. Being a Sunday, the road was traffic free. Thank God! I arrived at the venue in no time. Invites weren’t checked but we passed through a security passage way. Heavy set security men were located in strategic places watching everyone’s movement with keen eyes.

After we’d gotten through the security passage way, we were handed a nice GTBANK customised hand fan. I decided to do some sight-seeing. Outside the hall was a makeshift farmers market, where various agricultural produce were exhibited for sale. On display were crops like tomatoes, pepper, vegetable all green & fresh. Never have I seen an Okra as big, if not bigger than carrots.
Also on sale were livestock & diary products.
There was the mouthwatering, suya session outside the hall, but the scorching sun wasn’t friendly. I didn’t spend much time outside as much as I’d loved to.

I made my way into the busy, crowded hall, luckily i was able to find a vacant seat. The hall decor, artworks and lightings were perfect and tastefully done.
Several food companies had their products on display (Small chops, drinks, ice cream, bread, food, Basically restaurant) in several makeshift stalls. The hall was saturated with aromas from several food which wafted through my nostrils, and had me sniffing endlessly.

The ongoing culinary session exclusively for the masterclass took place at a separate section of the big hall.
At a point, I began to feel left out and envious while watching the masterclass participants enjoy special privileges. So i decided to walk round the various stalls. Luckily some had samples of their food items for tasting. (Cakes, bread, small chops, etc) and trust me, I tasted to my fill.

To be frank, edibles were beyond expensive at the fair, probably because we are in V.I and big boys and girls came prepared. I even sighted several white families. The music was good. The D.J did a good job, played 99% foreign song. We were constantly reminded by an On Air Personality that there was ‘free’ wifi in the hall (Which didn’t work for me).

The best part was when I bumped into Miyonse from the just concluded Big Brother Nigeria show. I quickly took a Selfie with him… Lol… Nice guy generally, overheard some ajebo girls saying, ‘wow he’s so small’… (Una matter). Later on I decided it was time to head home. All in all it was a very organised event with a controlled crowd. Thumbs up GTBANK.

See More Pictures after the cut

P.S for those of you planning to attend next year’s Food and Drink Fair, hold cash o! The invite said come hungry, not Food is Free… Or did it say so… Make I go check…. lol

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Good to Go – by Precious Okoro

When I first saw my Call-up letter, I was a tad annoyed. Plateau State? Fear North, they say.

Friends panicked. Everyone looked at me as though I was to be most pitied. Someone even recommended a radio I’d stay glued to, just like the Aboki, so as to know when it’s time to run.

My anticipated ebooks – “The life of a Lagos” whore and “Campus Affair” are available. Get Your Copies Now! And enjoy an in-depth view of real life happenings in our society – the bad and the ugly! It also serves as an eye opener.
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Facebook- Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

The evening I was set to leave for Plateau, our neighbour, an elderly woman, summarised her last minute advice in two words: Be Careful.

Fast forward to today, this minute. I’m in my room, still a Plateau Corps member, with no radio or reason to run. I had Tuwo Shinkafa and Miyan Kuka for breakfast. I didn’t redeploy as planned and I have no regrets whatsoever. Plateau state, with all her tourist attractions, is the place to be. She will leave you addicted. Talk about the home of a mighty rock that comfortable sits on the pointy head of a tiny rock. Wonders!

Tomorrow is POP and I am so good to go. Heaven knows I will miss a lot about this place when I finally leave. Who NYSC help, you say? E help me wella.

Serving on the Plateau corrected a lot of misconceptions I had about the North and Northerners. I discovered that not all Northerners are Hausas or Muslims and, for the fact that one is a Northerner doesn’t make one a terrorist. There are a lot of good people here who are victims of hurtful generalisation and heartbreaking stereotypes. A visit will convince you. Plateau is the home of hospitality. She is the phoenix, reborn from ashes.

Precious Okoro

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Enugu State – A Beauty Worth Beholding

Some Nigerian states look very tiny on the map, but brethren, get on road, calculate hours spent moving from one point to another, you’ll wonder if the land mass correspond to what’s on the map. Who ever created the Nigerian map needs to be sued for misleading the citizens of Naija. But that’s by the way.

This would be my 2nd time here. 042 as it’s popularly called is everything you heard and more. I’ll tell you why. But first of all, Good morning to only the indigenes of Enugu state. The rest of you should collect your ‘good morning’ from your lazy, incompetent, pot-bellied Governors.

To be frank, Enugu is the most beautiful state in Nigeria! Enugu is
nature’s gift to man. Enugu is Paris of Africa!
I’m not mincing words.
Just as it’s name implies, “on top the hills”, it’s a hilly city.
Looking at the beautiful houses up in the hills from a distance, the view is incredible. Its magical!

You find water flowing out of rocks naturally and cascading over these rocks. It’s amazing. There are pasture lands & plantations on steep hills; at sunset it’s lovely to behold. I took several photos of wonderland from the vehicle’s window. It’ll be my wallpapers.

The best part of the experience is that, despite the difficult, rocky terrain good roads still exist. Enugu has the best road network in the whole of Nigeria. Go figure!
Now I’m home with Enugu-made cashew hamper and a bag full of Enugu-made “Okpa” for dinner.

Did i tell you that they make the best Okpa in the world? Mehn, leave okpa business to Enugu folks. It’s their birthright and heritage.

Don’t argue. Please.
I will surely visit Enugu state again.

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My Chibok Experience – Written by Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma

March 2011 I was posted to Borno State for my one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) When I got the letter I cried and cried and almost did not go until my sweet elder brother assured me that he was going to do something about me being redeployed from Borno.

Finally i travelled to Borno State, Maiduguri to be precise for the three weeks orientation camp, in the camp I virtually wallowed in self pity, depressed and was always scared due to the gist we use to hear from the Soldiers in our camp. Finally the three weeks camp ended and it was time to post us to our respective Local Governments for primary assignments, lo and behold I was posted to Chibok, I asked some Soldiers how Chibok was like and they compounded my fear, one of them told me to buy anything I would be needing from Maiduguri because I may not like what I would see in Chibok.

My anticipated ebooks – “The life of a Lagos” whore and “Campus Affair” are available. Get Your Copies Now! And enjoy an in-depth view of real life happenings in our society – the bad and the ugly! It also serves as an eye opener.
To get copies, email:
Facebook- Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

Finally the long ride to Chibok, we got to Damboa and boarded another bus to Chibok, on our way I thought we were going to be killed, no single roads our vehicle was passing through bush paths through thick forest, we were all screaming in the bus and the driver was busy laughing in a scary and unusual way I nearly fainted.

Well, I stayed one week in Chibok I was glad I actually bought what I needed from Maiduguri because their water tasted like ice cream, that one week I fed on water and cold beverages, that one week in Chibok my depression was raised to power 2, that one week in Chibok I had mental problem because we were practically living in an unfenced thick forest called Corpers Lodge, I never slept at night I was always awake and alert before I finally got a call from my brother that I had been redeployed to FCT.

My happiness knew no bounds. A day after I left Chibok, they killed a big snake close to where I used to sleep. When I was told, I just knew that Jehovah God was and is still on my side preparing me for something special.

After all said and done I can authoritatively beat my hand on my chest and say that I have been to the most popular and prestigious town in Nigeria (CHIBOK)!! #GoinDownMemoryLane.

Written by: Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma, three years ago

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Sightings & Places – John Ikediashi takes us to Benin City

John Ikediashi takes us through his neighbourhood – The city of Benin!
He reveals a lot of details we probably never knew about this multicultural town. John also mentions his fondness for the food, some hottest spots, UNIBEN, and much more. Let’s go there!

Benin city is bordered by Ondo, kogi, Delta and Abuja. It is a busy town occupied by people with diverse languages, who value and cherish it’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. It is ruled traditionally by the monarch, Oba Ewuare II. Benin is an ancestral town that has a lot of traditions and festivals like the Igue festival.
Benin is home to many institutions of higher learning. One of which is the University of Benin; my alma mata. UNIBEN’s main campus is situated in a town called Ugbowo, it is mostly a commercial area, while the extended campus is located in Ekenhuan village.

I’ll tell you about Ugbowo area, because that was where I spent most of my time in Benin City, as a student of UNIBEN.
There are three areas of residence for students of UNIBEN namely BDPA, Ekosodin and Osasogie. BDPA is regarded as a place for the elite – where you find all the big ballers and wannabes, fine girls and fresh boys and basically those students who just have this notion that they are in a better place.

BDPA has a very famous street called 19th street, now this street is the busiest street in the whole of BDPA, it is about 5 minutes drive from the beginning to the end and has lots of hostels along the road. Some of which are very expensive and the occupants are usually seen as the big boys and girls, some of these hostels include REEBOK, PROGRESS HOSTEL etc..
BDPA has a famous hotel almost at the end of the street called Deutschman Hotel, where most times people go to chill, relax and swim in the super cool pool.

My anticipated ebooks – “The life of a Lagos” whore and “Campus Affair” are available. Get Your Copies Now! And enjoy an in-depth view of real life happenings in our society – the bad and the ugly! It also serves as an eye opener.
To get copies, email:
Facebook- Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

This one is very important – There is a very popular ‘buka’ (local canteen) in BDPA that has saved the lives of many students.
It’s a haven for most students who come back from school late in the evening, and you just quickly rush in for any of the finger-licking dishes they serve. Cornerstone Restaurant has saved so many students trust me.
Anybody who stayed in BDPA would also be familiar with another high class ‘buka’ called “Toseton”, where food tastes like honey. Enough to drain one’s pocket.

‘Ekosodin’ is the other side of the school at the back gate of the school. Here you have the more rugged students who are just in school to make their way through; without really caring for the fun or the swag. You also find really cute girls here and also guys who are ‘sharp’ and know how to woo ladies really well.
Ekosodin offers affordable housing and some very good eateries.
It is quite a very big place, obviously bigger than BDPA but there is a very popular eatery called ‘APEX’ which does exactly the same thing ‘Toseton’ does to
I know all these food joints because I’m a foodie!

Another significant place is ‘Osasogie’. It houses the University of Benin Teaching Hospital too. It is well known for high crime rates and its said to be one of the most unsafe areas during or even after school sessions are over.

Life as a student in the school can be fun and interesting or can be very tough and uneventful.
Not forgetting the group of boys in the school hostels, especially ‘hall 3’. They developed a habit or teasing and “arrowing”. They are known for standing in groups along the path leading to a famous complex in the school called “june 12”. They’ll tease students so much that a student might fall down or do a u-turn, due to lack of confidence. They were that bad.

Some popular slangs they use in school and around the school premises and the whole city include “who you epp?” a term that had already been in vogue before superstar indigenous rapper Olamide took the phrase and coined it into a song. Another slang was “you don baff?” Lol. This slangs sound more funny and real especially during heated arguments.
Another notable fact is that the reggae dance hall star and German juice crooner Cynthia Morgan is a product from Benin city too.

Benin has a great night life. Young people in this clime really love to party hard and trust me with a lot of clubs and bars they do it well and good. The main spot for all these happens in the GRA quarters, with clubs blasting loud music and drinks going off the table. Club Cue, Club Jokers, Club Terrazzo, District 41 etc are always the places to be on a weekend night.
That sums it up. Benin city is indeed a place to be.

John Ikediashi

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Sightings & Places – Precious Okoro takes us to Jos

The beautiful Precious Okoro gives us a tour of Jos and significant details of the place.
It is more than you would expect, if you’ve never been to the plateaus.
This amazing writer captures the lovely and serene environment with visuals too.
Precious took us to this river at Rayfield resort; a place that brings back emotional memories of the past. She explains “Trust me when I tell you that I tried so hard not to be mesmerised by the view before me.”
I love this! Scroll down to read this piece.

My admiration for the river died the day my dear cousin drowned. I was at war with mother nature. In my grief, I spoke harshly to imaginary gods of the sea and challenged them to a fight. I also gathered all the papers where I wrote odes to nature and squeezed them till my palm turned red. Forgive me, but I can be very emotional and melodramatic when it comes to these things. Sighs. Know that feeling of betrayal you get when the one you love stabs you right in the spine? Yes. That was exactly my case. I had written so much about nature’s beauty to the point that I felt connected to her in ways that I can’t describe in concrete terms. Hell, I thought we were in love. My cousin’s death opened my eyes to see beneath nature’s beautiful. For long, I mentally lashed myself for every word I wrote in praise of wind or waves, dew or rain. It’s heartbreaking how say, a harmless looking earth can decide to yawn mindlessly, or how an unruffled river wouldn’t be so keen to spare a life at it’s mercy.

My anticipated ebooks – “The life of a Lagos” whore and “Campus Affair” are available. Get Your Copies Now! And enjoy an in-depth view of real life happenings in our society – the bad and the ugly! It also serves as an eye opener.
To get copies, email:
Facebook- Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

Everyday in Plateau State is a personal journey towards reconciliation and artistic peace. Where else can one get these if not on the Plateau, the very home of peace and tourism? Whenever I think of Plateau, I think of me. If crises had wrecked her and she still found a way to move the hell on, why not me? Beauty found a home in this place once ravaged by lovelessness. Maybe, just maybe, it will find a home in my grief.

There’s a river that sits at Rayfield Resort, Jos. For some weird ass reasons I’m yet to figure out, I allowed a friend to take me there. Couldn’t believe my hands when they picked up my phone and snapped the pictures you see. Trust me when I tell you that I tried so hard not to be mesmerised by the view before me. Was shuttling between painful past and beautiful present. Does anyone understand how messed up such journeys can be? I need to know that I’m not alone in this at least.

Well, I sat close to the river for hours until the waves and ripples ceased. The quietness was so intense it made me travel to unknown realms. I could swear I heard my dear cousin speak. The cheer in his voice assured me that he was in a better place, and for the first time in a long while, I deemed it fit to make peace with mother nature, starting with the river before me. Maybe if she was vocal about her feelings, she would have told me of how sorry she was. But that’s by the way. The crux of my story is that somehow, I made peace with my enemy.