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Leonardo DiCaprio Wins First Oscar, What About Other Greats?

Leo gets his long deserving Oscar award after years of delivering stellar performances and getting all the love from movie lovers world wide. The question on everyone’s lips is, why hasn’t this A-list actor bagged this award all these years? Did he have issues with the Academy award organisers? His performance in Titanic alone should have earned him an Academy award. Hello? Django unchained!…The Great Gatsby!! Have the award organisers been asleep?

It is 22 years since he was first nominated for an Academy Award, having been nominated for best supporting actor for ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’.
We can’t help admiring how he’s been consistent and hard working, while putting up a positive attitude over the years, despite several Oscar snubs!
Congrats Leo on your first Oscar win!

Now, Not everyone can win an Oscar, of course if every actor gets the gold statue, the award loses it’s value and credibility. But there are several other great actors who deliver great performances and get snubbed by the Oscars.
There are actors and actresses whose performances in movies are top notch! They fit into their characters and play roles to a tee. They have been consistent as well, yet they’ve been robbed! I don’t know if the Academy is waiting till they pass on, then they’ll get a posthumous Academy Award…*sighs*

The following actors have never been honoured by the Oscars with the coveted gold statue.
Johnny Depp
Tom cruise
Idris Elba,
Mark Wahlberg
George Clooney

Morgan Freeman (shocked)
Brad Pit
Samuel L Jackson

Will Smith
Gabrielle Union

You can add more names to the list, and mention movies the actors featured in as well.

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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

Hi people! It’s yet another Face of the cave series. Remember, this series is aimed at showcasing individuals with potential, high achievement, uniqueness, style and good looks.

Let’s meet the new Faces of the week…*drum rolls* *curtains open*

Name: Michael Chimezie Barth
State: Anambra
School: National Open University
Course: criminology and security studies
Hobbies: Swimming and making friends.
Likes: Resourcefulness, business minded people

Dislikes: lazy thinkers, egoistic persons.
Favourite quote: ‘How we live our lives daily, is how we spend our lives.’
Contact: Facebook ‘Chimezie Michael’, email address: enigima_mich on instagram. bbm- 59308BC5

Name: Mfonobong Emerald Michael
State: Akwa ibom
Career: Currently serving in Imo state
Field: linguistics
Hobbies: Reading (novels, just so we’re clear), scribbling, swaying to My Wedding Day playlist and scrabble.

Likes: Dolphins and good music.
Dislikes: Cockroaches, vulgarity and noisy places.
Favourite quote: ‘Read. Love. Live.’
Contact: Facebook ‘Mfonobong Emerald Michael’

It’s a pleasure to have these two stunning people on board. Coincidentally, they bear same name ‘Michael’…Talk about a perfect match! While they’ve showcased their different sides, I know we just can’t get enough of them.

Did you enjoy this series? If so, show some love in the comment section. You can personally reach the faces of the week through the
displayed contacts on their profile.

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

Our selection will be fair enough without sentiments.

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!

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SETTING BOUNDARIES! The Way To Go: By Bismark Ekene

Ever had someone walk into your house uninvited, straight to your bedroom without knocking on the door? Before you know it they’re in your closet checking out your personal stuff or they walk through every corner of your home as if they’re co-inhabitants. While in your home, they operate your gadgets without permission and they peruse everything within their reach.
Sometimes without asking, they’re in your kitchen helping themselves out with various edibles you’ve stocked in the fridge.

Most people do these things all in the name of feeling-at-home in someone else’s house! It could be friends, buddies, relatives or brethren from the church who exhibit this ‘we are family’…’I am entitled to your space’ attitude. They can unknowingly push the limits of your boundaries because well, they know you wouldn’t react.
Honestly, these acts can be annoying or it can deepen a relationship, depending on how the individual feels about this person.
Personally, I consider these intrusive acts VERY disrespectful. I’m not saying it’s cool to prevent people from sharing your space neither am I saying that it’s best to go the strict way, but courtesy and good manners shouldn’t be blurred out because of a close relationship. You must set boundaries!

A times we might consider the level of familiarity or closeness with someone as the reason why there must be nothing like privacy, so you always allow some folks walk into your home unannounced and do whatever they like unsupervised.
At the same time, not setting boundaries may in fact pave way for people who enjoy getting into another person’s business or space, out of curiosity.

Regrettably, over time too many relationships get severed because of over familiarity, that’s why you must set boundaries!

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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

Hi people! Let’s meet the new Faces of the week…

Name: Ada michelle
State: Imo state,
Status: Student of National Open University..
Field of study. Political Science
likes: Nature, music, loyalty
Dislikes: Disloyalty
Best Food: Fried Egg and Plantain

Hobbies-Cooking,swimming even though i’m not good,Travelling,Reading Novels and last but not the least Relating with people.. I love meeting people.
Favourite artiste: Michael Jackson
My Hero: My Dad
My Role Model: My Mom

Contacts: Snapchat: FineChina001/ IG: She_kyut
Favourite Quote: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest…Till your good is better and your better is best”

Name: Okolie Emmanuel
State: Imo state
Location: Lagos
Field: Aviation
Likes: Hard work, Neatness

Dislikes: Lies, Jealousy
Hobbies: Travelling, football, exploring the world.

Favourite quote: “Don’t go for looks, they can deceive. Don’t go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.”
Contact: Facebook (Okolie Emmanuel)

Okay…There you have it! Beautiful people I must say. You can contact them if you’ve developed any level of interest. It’s allowed! *winks*

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!

Quote for the day “Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.”

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Michael Young, Bismark’s Cave Face of the Week now Mr U.K Nigeria Contestant…Vote!

HELLO PEOPLE, It’s Michael Young, Does he look familiar? You remember him right? Uhmm…If you don’t, check our Face of the week archives. He was a one time face of the week here on Bismark’s cave.
He’s on a whole new level now and we are happy to share in his success so far!

He’s contesting for the prestigious Mr and Miss Uk Nigeria title and he’s representing Anambra state. He needs your love, support and votes. Right here on Bismark’s cave, We are each other’s support system, so we’ll push hard till he gets that crown.


Like the page and pictures and please drop your comments.



Best of luck Michael!

Mr & Miss U.K. Nigeria is a local & international pageant that promotes youths in every aspect of life. It’s an annual Cultural Pageant aimed at empowering and enriching the Nigeria Culture in the UK.

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PRE-WEDDING SHOOT: A Must or Unnecessary? By Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

Nigerian couples have stepped up their game!
I know I’m not the only one who has noticed the pre-wedding trend. Pre-wedding photo/video shoot is no longer a choice, it’s a given for most Naija couples. Just tell a Nigerian babe that having pre-wedding shoots is unnecessary and she’ll give you this ‘You-must-be-out-of-
your mind’ look! They crave it and live for it. I wonder why!

Pre-wedding shoots have become one of the emerging wedding trends and most couples are catching up. These days most couples create a budget allocated to pre-wedding shoots. It’s usually incorporated among the major activities leading to the wedding day.

Now that it’s becoming a MUST for love stories to be told in style, visuals and print, Every couple wants to showcase something different and creative, something to leave their single friends and admirers wishing and hoping for a love like theirs.

Pre-wedding shoots are usually done days or months before the actual wedding day. Usually, the couple try on different similar attires with captions like “save the date”. “two become one” “Tunde and Kemi 2016” and they play around with different poses in front of a camera, as they try to depict how smitten they are.

Most times these photos/videos go along with romantic captions or a poem dedicated to their partner and these shoots are posted on social media or top wedding blogs/ magazines.

Whether it’s necessary, vain or not to have pre-wedding shoots remains arguable. The fact is that, we live in a pre-wedding shoot era now, so this is just the way things have become and will be until the next big piece of sliced bread takes over.

What’s your take on pre-wedding shoots? Share your opinion in the comment box.

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SPORTS UPDATE and Free Betting Tips: By Michael Onyegide

Nigeria FA warns Oliseh but no fine yet

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has released a statement reacting to recent comments by Super Eagles coach Sunday Oliseh.
The NFF Executive Committee: “rebuked Oliseh for his unwarranted statements un becoming of a National Team Coach in both regular and social media.”
While his apology was acknowledged he was warned over future behaviour.

Akwa United Beat Enyinmba to win Charity Shield

Ten-man Akwa United beat league champions Enyimba 4-3 on penalties to win the 2016 Charity Shield traditional season opener at the Abuja National Stadium on Wednesday.
The game ended in a barren draw in regulation time.

Mourinho to Man United Deal is agreed claims Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has claimed that Manchester United already have a deal in place for Jose Mourinho to take over at Old Trafford in the summer.
Louis van Gaal has faced relentless speculation about his future in recent weeks following his side’s stuttering form. Mourinho has long been touted as a possible successor for Van Gaal at United following his sacking by Chelsea in December.
Now, former Tottenham and QPR boss Redknapp says that he understands that an official deal is in place for the Portuguese coach to take over from Van Gaal at the end of the season.

BETTING TIPS For The Weekend

The FA Cup is back this weekend in England with game at the emirate and vicarage a particular highlight.
Bet9ja has a 1.55 odd for a win at arsenal and a 1.66 odd for watford over reading.
Everton should nick it at Bournemouth and with 2.25 betting odd, you may want to have that on your bet list.
And on Sunday, the Big one, Chelsea vs Mancity, according to and my personal assessment, that game should end in a draw.
And in other leagues, expect win from Burnley, Fulham, Barcelona and Pavia in Serie B.

Till next week, I’m OUT!

Mr. Michael Onyegide is an Internet savvy, sports writer who is very passionate about the game of football. He holds B.Eng from Imo state university and a Telemarketing Diploma from Texas.

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Diabetes Mellitus: A Preventable Disease. Written By Dr. Ejike Udeze

Almost everyone I know, knows about diabetes mellitus, even the ten-year old I was discussing with the other day said it’s a problem with urinating. But it seems that not everyone knows it can hugely be avoided. As diabetes cannot be cured but only controlled, prevention will assume the role of the best cure.

And so I was chatting with a friend of mine some days ago. In between she mentioned her mother was not so long ago diagnosed with diabetes. Next my preventive medicine mode kicked in. She’s in her early twenties. Hence came this talk. Designated for all age groups but mostly for people under middle age.

Yes diabetes can be avoided by learning and implementing some good diet and lifestyle habits. Even though diabetes Mostly starts manifesting after the age of fifty, these habits are better learnt and put into practice from very early in life.


These include eating of healthy diet such as fruits and vegetables daily. When it comes to carbohydrates, eating more of un processed starchy ones like cassava(akpu), garri, yam, etc is better than eating processed foods. This is so because un processed foods take longer time to digest. Hence releasing glucose slowly. Therefore intakes of sweetened refined foods such as sugar containing drinks, sweetened beverages, ice-cream, etc should be reduced. As these are already highly processed they get easily digested, releasing glucose almost immediately into the bloodstream. Repeating such assaults over the years might overwhelm the body leading to diabetes. Likewise, too much of fatty foods is not good, these should be cut down too.

Excessive alcohol consumption should also be stopped. Little alcohol containing drinks here and there everyday is even good for the health in Normal individuals. But too much of it can damage the organ (pancreas) implicated in diabetes.


Exercise can never be over emphasised in the daily life of humans. Regular physical activity, in the form of walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, Soccer, etc for at least 30 minutes Daily is the prescription. Exercise helps reduce the burden on the pancreas hence prolonging it’s longevity.

Obesity has been noted as a prominent factor in people with diabetes. Regular and persistent daily exercise helps in fat reduction and weight loss.


Giving your baby cow milk early in infancy has been implicated in the development of diabetes. Cow milk contains some cow proteins which the baby reacts to making him develop diabetes later in life. Hence it’s always one of the counselling points in support of giving your baby only human breast milk for the first six months of life.

Genetics has a role to play in diabetes. Hence diabetes can be said to run in some families. But environmental factors such as the above mentioned bad diet and lifestyle habits can and do interplay with the genes to cause diabetes.

Therefore if one has a relative, the parent or sibling who is already a diabetic, the onus lies on him or her to safeguard his or her future by learning and living these saving lifestyles.

A stitch in time they say saves nine.

Ejike Udeze is a health personnel at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH). Ejike is always in search of new medical discoveries and breakthrough. You can reach him on Facebook with his name “ Ejike Udeze. “

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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

Faces of the week!

Name- Iffy Ekpe
State- Abia
Location- Owerri, Imo State
Career- Sociologist, Imo state University graduate
Likes- Honesty, cleanliness

Dislikes- Dishonesty
Hobbies- Singing
Selling point- My dimples!
Contact- Ephie Ekpe (Facebook) 29d2b0a2 (bbm)

Name-Kenechukwu Nwakalor
State- Anambra
Location- Abuja
Career- Biologist, Dog behaviourist(KC’s Dog training), Entrepreneur
Likes- i cherish realness

Dislike- lies
Hobbies- Games, Sports and hang outs.
Favourite quote- ‘when life gives you lemon, make a lemonade.’
‘ you plan; but fate decides.’
Contact- 07034458255/
I am a cool headed person, very principled and ambitious. Of course, single too lol! .

It’s a pleasure to have these lovely folks on board. Side note: Kene is single, hey ladies! *winks* .

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!

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Olajumoke, the former Bread seller turned model is still winning!

The inspiring story of the former bread seller Olajumoke Orisaguna has become a trending topic, not just in Nigeria but worldwide. The world is paying close attention!
Since that fateful day the Sabo Yaba Agege bread seller photo bombed Ty Bello’s photo shoot with Tinnie Tempah, she’s become the rave of the moment because the world isn’t talking about Tempah right now. The world is talking about Olajumoke.
Not only has this 27yr old mother of two succeeded in making a name for herself as a model, she’s turned a bad situation to fortune. She’s got us believing the famous saying which goes thus, “No condition is permanent”.

Achievements so far:
Olajumoke got signed to Few Models Agency a few days back and she’s currently on set of a new photo shoot for celebrity designer, April By Kunbi.

While all the ladies longed for a moment to have Tinie Tempah’s attention, Olajumoke was Tinie Tempah’s #WomanCrushWednesday…Sorry ladies!

Olajumoke was featured on CNN as they have been documenting the process of her photo shoot.

Our new favourite model has got a stunning THIS DAY style magazine cover under her belt. A cover that will make Tyra Bank and Naomi Campbell turn green with envy.

Olajumoke’s story was picked up by Buzz feed and British Huffington post. According to Huffington Post, “Olajumoke Orisaguna’s remarkable story is the stuff of your most wishful daydreams.”.

Olajumoke, the ‘Bread-seller’ turned Model, is now on Instagram!
Olajumoke has just opened her official Instagramaccount (@olajumoke__o) managed by her modelling agency, where her fans can follow up on her rising career as a model.

She’s just been offered an enrolment into the Poise finishing school.

And the one that left our mouths wide open, She’s just been offered a furnished luxury apartment in Lagos. Courtesy Sujimoto Construction Limited…

I believe more achievements would follow. Our fingers are crossed…Waiting on the first brand to deliver dem car keys..hey Toyota..Audi..Kia motors…You can do it!